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FUSE 21-3: Summer 1998

It seems appropriate to preface any given interview with a caveat in the spirit of Magritte: This is not a spoken conversation. An interview is a translation from spoken to written word and ultimately must succeed in the latter form.

FUSE 23-3: February 2001

Let the fireworks begin! Donna Scott’s recent announcement of resignation from the Ontario Arts Council might yet be a good thing for the arts in Ontario. If Bronwyn Drainie’s recent criticism of Hal Jackman’s matching grants program is any indication, we might yet see a renewed public debate about the arts, a debate that moves beyond the immediate arts community.

FUSE 23-4: April 2001

This issue of FUSE critically engages a dialogue of the political. It asks us to think about artistic freedom and expression, the relationality of multicultural feminism and alteric moves in identity and representational strategies.

Dirty deeds: PopSex!

Inspired by Rainer Herrn’s 2008 group exhibition Sex brennt/Sex Burns at The Charité Hospital in Berlin, PopSex! showcases 12 artists from Berlin and Calgary. Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz, David Folk, Jean-René Leblanc, Kurtis Lesick, Wednesday Lupypciw, Anthea Black and Mr. and Mrs. Keith Murray, Mireille Perron and Heather Stump, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay and RICHard SMOLinski were brought together by the curators to respond to the remnants of Magnus Hirshfield’s archive from the Institute for Sexual Science.