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SILENCE = _____________

I did not feel that the issues were too complex to stop making work. I still feel this today. —Avram Finkelstein of ACT UP and Gran Fury, in conversation with Alex McClelland and Geneviève Trudel



Jessica MacCormack’s The See delivers me back to my childhood, and to my childhood feelings. My individual illogical logic, overlapping explanations, memories and dreams. Intense isolation and longing, mixing pain in with everyday life. — Sarah Mangle

36-3 / Editorial

In this issue of FUSE, we queer the notion of apocalypse and examine the kinds of practices either engendered or obscured by apocalyptic mindsets. While apocalypticism is ostensibly about the impending future, what concerns us here is the type of present it fosters. While we are busy predicting and preparing for a variety of elaborately imagined disasters, what are we are building in the present?

36-3 / Survivors and Survivalists

On newsstands 5 June 2013! Issue Contributors: Andrea Pinheiro, Natalie Kouri-Towe, Kathryn Denning, Denise Jourdain, Richard Moszka, Raymond Boisjoly, Chelsea Vowel, Atom Cianfarani, Kathleen Tahk, Richard William Hill, Maiko Tanaka, Lucas Freeman, Milena Placentile, Sarah Mangle.

FUSE 21-1 / Winter 1998

In this issue of FUSE we encourage oozing. Some may see us as victims of our own hedonistic wound-licking. In this issue, writers, performers, comic artists, and students indulge in confessional narratives, licking to their hearts’ content.