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Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

The BDS campaign calls upon global civil society to boycott Israeli and international products and companies profiting from the violation of Palestinian rights, including Israeli sporting, cultural and academic institutions; divest from corporations complicit in the violation of Palestinian rights and ensure that university investment portfolios and pension funds are not used to finance these companies; and impose sanctions to demonstrate disapproval and educate society about violations of international law and to end the complicity of other nations in these violations. — Rwayda (Rod) Al-Kamisi

Living In a Place With No Prisons

The art production and process of The House That Herman Built create platforms for mobilizing, and function as instigative forms of communication that ensure the continued efforts to mobilize against the ever-expanding prison-industrial complex. —Nasrin Himada


FUSE is proud to announce our summer issue, “Performing Politics”! FUSE is 35 this year, and we’re celebrating by revisiting the work of seventeen outstanding thinkers and makers, spanning three decades. Through eight features, interviews and reports plus six artist’s projects, we explore the ways that solidarity enables political action.