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Playing Dead: The Toronto Zombie Walk

A figure often seen wandering through the imaginary postapocalyptic landscape, the zombie, could be described as a defective or dysfunctional survivor, hopeless, devolved — a body in a chronic state of decay, deprived of its consciousness, senselessly perambulating the city, the countryside or even the suburban mall. — Richard Moszka

Burn the Archives 02: Marusia Bociurkiw

In her fall 1990 FUSE article, Marusia Bociurkiw reports that the summer of 1990 marked the convergence of a spike in police brutality towards the queer community in Montreal and a police raid on the Mohawks of Kanehsatake, Quebec. FUSE intern Julia Borowicz asks: “What working definition of solidarity best serves long-term and holistic social change?”

FUSE 20-4 / August 1997

In this issue Aoife Mac Namara’s feature article on Wilie Doherty, Daniel Yon’s interview with British cultural theorist Kobena Mercer and Katarzyna Rukszto’s column on the selling of Canadian culture, the pertinent issues of representation, race, nation, colonial histories and community are problematized and critically reflected on.

FUSE 21-1 / Winter 1998

In this issue of FUSE we encourage oozing. Some may see us as victims of our own hedonistic wound-licking. In this issue, writers, performers, comic artists, and students indulge in confessional narratives, licking to their hearts’ content.

FUSE 21-3: Summer 1998

It seems appropriate to preface any given interview with a caveat in the spirit of Magritte: This is not a spoken conversation. An interview is a translation from spoken to written word and ultimately must succeed in the latter form.

FUSE 23-1: April 2000

In this issue, most of the texts share concern, anxiety or frustration with the limits and borders of collective identity. Such contested terrain is the location of some of the most pressing concerns of this new decade, and is prime FUSE territory. As usual, our writers don’t hesitate to ask hard questions, revealing not only vexing problems of identity, but provocative alternatives to conventional models.

FUSE 24.2: Summer 2001

The recent announcement by the Heritage Minister and the Prime Minister in Toronto, (in the atrium of the CBC, an institution they also killed) of an infusion of “new” money for the arts and culture sector was greeted with a bit of welcome relief. It’s been a long time coming. But those of us in the alternative arts and culture scene can’t yet celebrate.

FUSE 24.3: Fall 2001

How do viewers respond to exhibition sights/sites?

For the individual writers featured in this issue, visual sights are sites of active knowledge-making with the potential for social and political change. In our feature essay “‘Take good care of it, it is my whole life’: Encounters with Charlotte Salomon’s address to the living,” Sharon Rosenberg discusses viewers’ encounters with the traveling exhibition Life? or Theatre?