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In the Street for Social Strike

I offer here an account of how a group of Montreal residents, the Mile-End popular assembly, prepared “Dans la rue pour la grève sociale/In the street for social strike” on 10 August 2012. We often forget to document the histories of how we remake the world, even in little ways, and I want to linger a bit on the minutiae of preparation in order to illustrate that fine, magical line between what seems given or natural — that parking spots are for cars, for instance, or that streets are merely conduits
for getting from one place to another — and what is possible. —Cindy Milstein

Translating the Printemps Érable

French-language interview with Patricia Boushel and Anna Sheftel of Translating the printemps érable, a volunteer collective whose chief activity is translating working documents and current events coverage relating to social movements in an attempt to bridge the language divide between French and English-speaking Canada. The collective was founded in the spring of 2012 in order to serve the Quebec student movement and has since broadened its mandate to include other current social movements.

Autant en emporte le vent

Dans une grève, tout se situe toujours déjà à la remorque, tout essaie toujours de surfer sur la vague. La récupération fait partie du mouvement de grève. — Philippe Enver

36-1 / Editorial

What are Promiscuous Infrastructures? They are strategies of resistance in a hostile political and economic environment that threatens creativity. They are about community building across practices, disciplines, categories and identities. Promiscuous Infrastructures are affectionate, trustworthy, anticapitalist, antiauthoritarian, experimental and fun.

36-1 / Promiscuous Infrastructures

Ou la lutte pour l’invention de possibles, guest edited par le Collectif Artivistic. CONTENU: Anne Bertrand; Translating the printemps érable; Anna Adamolo; Mark Paschal; Météorologie d’une GGI; Atelier Populaire; Thien V.; Faiz Abhuani; Insurgence; Bill 78; Artificial Hells; Andrew James Paterson.

35-4 / BALTICS

Issue Contributors: Agne Bagdžiūnaitė; Michael Blum; Barbara Clausen; Alison Cooley; Jurij Dobriakov; Amy Fung; Sydney Hart; Amber Landgraff; Marc James Léger; Jessica MacCormack; Sarah Mangle; Johanna Sophie Santos Bassetti; Pablo Rodriguez; cheyanne turions; Alise Upitis; Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas.

35-4 / Editorial

This issue of FUSE considers the withdrawal of Soviet occupation, the renewed independence of the Baltic states, and subsequent, ongoing privatization as the context for contemporary cultures of resistance.

Burn the Archives 02: Marusia Bociurkiw

In her fall 1990 FUSE article, Marusia Bociurkiw reports that the summer of 1990 marked the convergence of a spike in police brutality towards the queer community in Montreal and a police raid on the Mohawks of Kanehsatake, Quebec. FUSE intern Julia Borowicz asks: “What working definition of solidarity best serves long-term and holistic social change?”

FUSE 20-3 / June 1997

In this issue, we address topographies, geographies and social space, and advance our interrogation of nationalism and difference over current events.

FUSE 21-3: Summer 1998

It seems appropriate to preface any given interview with a caveat in the spirit of Magritte: This is not a spoken conversation. An interview is a translation from spoken to written word and ultimately must succeed in the latter form.