Tag: memory

FUSE 20-2 / Spring 1997

This anniversary edition of FUSE brings together a selection of thirty pieces: articles, interviews, reports and reviews from the past twenty years. Contributors include heavy hitters Dot Tuer, Bruce Barber, John Greyson and Sara Diamond.

FUSE 23-4: April 2001

This issue of FUSE critically engages a dialogue of the political. It asks us to think about artistic freedom and expression, the relationality of multicultural feminism and alteric moves in identity and representational strategies.

FUSE 24-1: June 2001

You’ll cover a lot of territory in this issue of FUSE: from the La Jolla Indian Reservation in California to the Banff Centre for the Arts, from Vancouver to Mexico City. These diverse places have an impact upon the production of art and culture on levels ranging from institutional policy to the highly personalized politics of memory and community.

FUSE 24.4: Winter 2001

The world has changed – or so the claim goes – since 9.1.1. Just how it has changed, or how much, can be seen as a question of perspective: whether one perceives “it” as an unprecedented world event, or as a particularly horrific event that has brought anglo-North America into the real time that much of the world was already living. Either way, much is changing fast: public opinion polls are reporting alarming stats about citizens willing to give up civil liberties for a comfort and safety they thought they had, but never really did.