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FUSE 21-4: Fall 1998

In keeping with FUSE’s tradition of covering the arts and their cultural context, this issue considers how a sense of place and location is now dominated by an all-consuming surge toward globalization. A dislocation of artists’ practices ensues from these conditions.

FUSE 22-4: January 2000

The current issue of FUSE closes out the century with a site-specific theme. Margot Francis shows us how Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan’s Lesbian National Parks and Services Project (which made a partial appearance as an artists’ project in vol. 21, no. 3) unsettles the Canadian tourist site par excellence – Banff National Park – and problematizes the figure of the kindly, helpful park ranger.

FUSE 23-4: April 2001

This issue of FUSE critically engages a dialogue of the political. It asks us to think about artistic freedom and expression, the relationality of multicultural feminism and alteric moves in identity and representational strategies.


With the States of Postcoloniality series, FUSE set out to engage the roles of artists and the arts in a global politics of decolonization. With this issue, we are concerned with art’s contribution to Indigenous sovereignty in the North.

35-2 / NORTH

Issue 35-2 Contributors: Jackie Price; Vanessa Dion Fletcher; Lucas Ittulak; Ravi de Costa; Art and Cold Cash; Agata Durkalec; Heather Iloliorte and Billy Gauthier; Mark Igloliorte; Anna Hudson; Amy Zion; Chris Gehman; Bart Gazzola; Amy Fung