Tag: Indigenous Aesthetics



Sonny Assu: Possession
Curated by Jon Davies
Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square
1 December 2013 – 16 February
Review by Ellyn Walker

Repopulating Contentious Territory

Despite the rising profile of indigenous artists in contemporary Canadian art in recent decades, significant blind spots and conflict zones remain. On the West Coast of Canada, the direction of photographic portrayals of communities and lands by First Nations artists remains negligible, even after Vancouver’s decades of photoconceptualism and that movement’s theories of social engagement. —Gordon Brent Ingram


Extra-Rational Aesthetic Action and Cultural Decolonization

For several years I have remained disturbed by three aesthetic actions: Rebecca Belmore’s yell as a prelude to a panel discussion; Guillermo Gómez-Peña’s threat to decapitate a woman during a work of performance art; and Terrance Houle’s presentation of his naked, fleshy belly in photographs and performances. —David Garneau

35-4 / BALTICS

Issue Contributors: Agne Bagdžiūnaitė; Michael Blum; Barbara Clausen; Alison Cooley; Jurij Dobriakov; Amy Fung; Sydney Hart; Amber Landgraff; Marc James Léger; Jessica MacCormack; Sarah Mangle; Johanna Sophie Santos Bassetti; Pablo Rodriguez; cheyanne turions; Alise Upitis; Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas.

35-4 / Editorial

This issue of FUSE considers the withdrawal of Soviet occupation, the renewed independence of the Baltic states, and subsequent, ongoing privatization as the context for contemporary cultures of resistance.

FUSE 21-2 / Spring 1998

The concerns and positions of the articles that FUSE has published over the last twenty years are always diverse. This issue of FUSE is no different. Articles ranging from the consideration of art practices in Turkey and Argentina; to articles discussing the challenges that exhibiting artists must deal with; to articles investigating the tensions between ethnic absolutism and hybridity in Native cultures; to the return of performance art; to book reviews, CD reviews and reviews of various festivals, this issue of FUSE is filled with considerations of various communities.

35-2 / NORTH

Issue 35-2 Contributors: Jackie Price; Vanessa Dion Fletcher; Lucas Ittulak; Ravi de Costa; Art and Cold Cash; Agata Durkalec; Heather Iloliorte and Billy Gauthier; Mark Igloliorte; Anna Hudson; Amy Zion; Chris Gehman; Bart Gazzola; Amy Fung