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Carrotworkers Collective

The Carrotworkers’ Collective are a London-based group of current or former interns, cultural workers and educators primarily from the creative and cultural sectors who regularly meet to think together around the conditions of free labour in contemporary societies. They undertake participatory action research around voluntary work, internships, job placements…

Not a Collection of Cool Stuff: On The Bidoun Library

“The thing is, the library is not a collection of the coolest or best art books coming out of the Middle East—although we may possess many of them—it is in fact a material critique of cultural production and the discourses that presuppose such books…They are no longer just the transparent envelopes for discourse, they are objects—and as objects are subject to the pressures and incentives of material production and a wide range of material objectives; economic, historical and political.” —Babak Radboy (Bidoun Library)

Any Celebration is Premature

A striking aspect of the Egyptian revolution is the frenzy of creative response and accelerated cultural production that has gripped Cairo and other parts of the country. The creativity and sense of urgency expressed in the streets continue on as competing groups give voice to their visions for the country’s future. —Joseph Banh

Anything But Its Own Uncovering

“I think institutions perform their independence in order to survive and be able to receive the little financial support that is available. I think that as an institution there is a certain performativity of independence that calls for constant posing as the alternative to the official discourse. But with ACAF, on a working level, we’ve tried to avoid that as much as we can.” —Bassam el Baroni (Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum)

34-4 / EGYPT

Contributors: Nahed Mansour and Bassam El Baroni (ACAF); Denise Ryner and Babak Radboy (Bidoun Library); Damon Kowarsky; Olive McKeon; Joseph Banh, Moataz Nasreldin (Darb 1718), Mia Jankowicz (CIC) and William Wells (Townhouse); Themba Lewis; Aliza Ma, Rasha Salti and Gabe Klinger; Anna Feigenbaum; Francisco-Fernando Granados; Leila Timmins.


To describe our state as postcolonial is not to say that colonialism is over, a thing of the past, but instead to insist on a certain historical continuity. It is a gesture against willful forgetting, a taking account of particular lineages of subjugation in order to underscore the importance of resistance, sovereignty and solidarity in the present. It acknowledges an extended age of empire…


FUSE is proud to announce our summer issue, “Performing Politics”! FUSE is 35 this year, and we’re celebrating by revisiting the work of seventeen outstanding thinkers and makers, spanning three decades. Through eight features, interviews and reports plus six artist’s projects, we explore the ways that solidarity enables political action.

Dirty deeds: PopSex!

Inspired by Rainer Herrn’s 2008 group exhibition Sex brennt/Sex Burns at The Charité Hospital in Berlin, PopSex! showcases 12 artists from Berlin and Calgary. Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz, David Folk, Jean-René Leblanc, Kurtis Lesick, Wednesday Lupypciw, Anthea Black and Mr. and Mrs. Keith Murray, Mireille Perron and Heather Stump, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay and RICHard SMOLinski were brought together by the curators to respond to the remnants of Magnus Hirshfield’s archive from the Institute for Sexual Science.

Rhetorical Maneuvers in Contemporary Art, Part 1

George Orwell’s famous 1946 essay “Politics and the English Language” is generally read and interpreted, in the North American context at least, as primarily concerned with matters of style, and particularly with vagueness, pretension and clichéd, “dead” phraseology. It is taught as a warning and a corrective for writers.

Centre and Periphery: Lancelot Coar’s On The Road/ En Route

A collaborative art and social experiment by 5 Winnipeg artist-run centres and public galleries, On the Road featured a vintage 1976 Airstream trailer that carried works by Manitoban artists to regions where contemporary art is rarely exhibited. These included suburban neighborhoods and rural Manitoban villages. As the Airstream visited these places, their community members were invited to assist in the construction of a semi-improvised, tent-like structure that would then house live performances, video screenings and workshops for creating small art objects.