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FUSE 21-2 / Spring 1998

The concerns and positions of the articles that FUSE has published over the last twenty years are always diverse. This issue of FUSE is no different. Articles ranging from the consideration of art practices in Turkey and Argentina; to articles discussing the challenges that exhibiting artists must deal with; to articles investigating the tensions between ethnic absolutism and hybridity in Native cultures; to the return of performance art; to book reviews, CD reviews and reviews of various festivals, this issue of FUSE is filled with considerations of various communities.

FUSE 21-4: Fall 1998

In keeping with FUSE’s tradition of covering the arts and their cultural context, this issue considers how a sense of place and location is now dominated by an all-consuming surge toward globalization. A dislocation of artists’ practices ensues from these conditions.

FUSE 22-2: Spring 1999

This issue of FUSE is in keeping with our attempts to pay special attention to Canada, while not being limited by any too easy assertions of national borders.

FUSE 24-1: June 2001

You’ll cover a lot of territory in this issue of FUSE: from the La Jolla Indian Reservation in California to the Banff Centre for the Arts, from Vancouver to Mexico City. These diverse places have an impact upon the production of art and culture on levels ranging from institutional policy to the highly personalized politics of memory and community.

Bridging Contexts

Curated by Christine Conley, Crossings covered a program of performance art and discussion, which included a workshop component in Ottawa. The program sought to bring artists from Belfast together with First Nations artists. The core artists were Bbeyond members Alastair MacLennan, Sandra Johnston and Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell, representing three generations of artists based in Belfast, and Aboriginal artists Jackson 2bears (Kanien’kehaka (Mohawk)), Maria Hupfield (Anishnaabe (Ojibway)) and Skeena Reece (Tsimshian/Gitksan and Cree).