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35-4 / BALTICS

Issue Contributors: Agne Bagdžiūnaitė; Michael Blum; Barbara Clausen; Alison Cooley; Jurij Dobriakov; Amy Fung; Sydney Hart; Amber Landgraff; Marc James Léger; Jessica MacCormack; Sarah Mangle; Johanna Sophie Santos Bassetti; Pablo Rodriguez; cheyanne turions; Alise Upitis; Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas.


In many ways the criminal justice system maintains the illusion of effectiveness because it absolves us of our responsibilities to our communities. The trial of Pussy Riot highlights some of these dynamics, but at the same time, public support for these three individuals highlights another power dynamic centred around fame and popularity. -Jessica MacCormack and Sarah Mangle

News from Ideological Antiquity

Alexander Kluge’s News From Ideological Antiquity: Marx – Eisenstein – Das Kapital was released in 2008, a few months before the banking crisis in the United States sounded the death knell for the neoliberal view that history has come to an end. —Marc James Léger

Unsettle and Redistribute

Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas’ work examines the contested field of economic, social, and political conditions in the post-socialist countries of the Former East, as well as more recently the Former West—the West that during the cold war defined itself as other than communist—and both regions’ transformations after 1989. —Alise Upitis

35-4 / Editorial

This issue of FUSE considers the withdrawal of Soviet occupation, the renewed independence of the Baltic states, and subsequent, ongoing privatization as the context for contemporary cultures of resistance.