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Art, Austerity and the Production of Fear

We might say that everything has a lifespan and artist-run centres are no different. Some end before their time, others transform and renew themselves through successive generations, and some remain on life support far longer than
 is dignified, beholden to the palliative care of a burnt out “new generation” of cultural workers tasked with working out their present and future while struggling to honour their past.



With this special-issue bulletin, we at FUSE have embraced the motto “Do Less with Less.”

37-1 / DO LESS

December 2013 Special-issue bulletin

Austerity in and beyond artist-run culture
No-nonsense motto against neoliberalism
Combatting unpaid internships one letter at a time

36-1 / Editorial

What are Promiscuous Infrastructures? They are strategies of resistance in a hostile political and economic environment that threatens creativity. They are about community building across practices, disciplines, categories and identities. Promiscuous Infrastructures are affectionate, trustworthy, anticapitalist, antiauthoritarian, experimental and fun.

36-1 / Promiscuous Infrastructures

Ou la lutte pour l’invention de possibles, guest edited par le Collectif Artivistic. CONTENU: Anne Bertrand; Translating the printemps érable; Anna Adamolo; Mark Paschal; Météorologie d’une GGI; Atelier Populaire; Thien V.; Faiz Abhuani; Insurgence; Bill 78; Artificial Hells; Andrew James Paterson.