Category: Back Issues

37-1 / DO LESS

December 2013 Special-issue bulletin

Austerity in and beyond artist-run culture
No-nonsense motto against neoliberalism
Combatting unpaid internships one letter at a time

36-3 / Survivors and Survivalists

On newsstands 5 June 2013! Issue Contributors: Andrea Pinheiro, Natalie Kouri-Towe, Kathryn Denning, Denise Jourdain, Richard Moszka, Raymond Boisjoly, Chelsea Vowel, Atom Cianfarani, Kathleen Tahk, Richard William Hill, Maiko Tanaka, Lucas Freeman, Milena Placentile, Sarah Mangle.

36-2 / Palestine–Palestine

On newsstands 6 March 2013! alQaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society; Indigenous Youth Delegation to Palestine; Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions; Zainab Amadahy; Lady Gaza; Kandis Friesen; Basil AlZeri; Shater Hassan; Kamal Aljafari; Inside Decolonizing Architecture.

36-1 / Promiscuous Infrastructures

Ou la lutte pour l’invention de possibles, guest edited par le Collectif Artivistic. CONTENU: Anne Bertrand; Translating the printemps érable; Anna Adamolo; Mark Paschal; Météorologie d’une GGI; Atelier Populaire; Thien V.; Faiz Abhuani; Insurgence; Bill 78; Artificial Hells; Andrew James Paterson.

35-4 / BALTICS

Issue Contributors: Agne Bagdžiūnaitė; Michael Blum; Barbara Clausen; Alison Cooley; Jurij Dobriakov; Amy Fung; Sydney Hart; Amber Landgraff; Marc James Léger; Jessica MacCormack; Sarah Mangle; Johanna Sophie Santos Bassetti; Pablo Rodriguez; cheyanne turions; Alise Upitis; Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas.


Issue Contributors: Pamela Palmater; Liam Skinner; Randy Lee Cutler and Magnolia Paulker; Some Feminists in Your Neighborhood; Folie à Deux; Nasrin Himada; Counter Narrative Society/Mabel Negrete; Robyn Maynard; Kirsty Robertson; Jenna Danchuk; Nahed Mansour and Konstantin Kilibarda; Lauren Cullen; Brenda Goldstein

FUSE 20-2 / Spring 1997

This anniversary edition of FUSE brings together a selection of thirty pieces: articles, interviews, reports and reviews from the past twenty years. Contributors include heavy hitters Dot Tuer, Bruce Barber, John Greyson and Sara Diamond.

FUSE 20-3 / June 1997

In this issue, we address topographies, geographies and social space, and advance our interrogation of nationalism and difference over current events.

FUSE 20-4 / August 1997

In this issue Aoife Mac Namara’s feature article on Wilie Doherty, Daniel Yon’s interview with British cultural theorist Kobena Mercer and Katarzyna Rukszto’s column on the selling of Canadian culture, the pertinent issues of representation, race, nation, colonial histories and community are problematized and critically reflected on.