Safiya Randera, Director, Editor
Writers: Gina Badger, Natalie Kouri-Towe
Jack Yan Chen, Director of Photography
Jacob de Hoop, Location Sound, Camera Assist
Art Direction, Gina Badger
Puppy Machine (Chandra Bulucon), Music and Sound Mix
Mitchell Akiyama, End Credit Music
Production Assistants: Yaniya Lee, Robyn Lew, Alison Cooley, Nicole Cropley, Skye Maule O’Brien
Branding: Gina Badger, Safiya Randera

Starring: Richard Fung, Gina Badger, John Greyson, Lisa Steele, Jacob de Hoop, Rinaldo Walcott, Abdi Osman, Yaniya Lee and cheyanne turions, Camille Turner, Miss Fluffy Soufflé, Clive Robertson, Walter the hamster, Finley Akiyama and Eloise Akiyama, Laura Kane, Syed Hussan, Gina Badger. Extras: Finley Akiyama, Eloise Akiyama, Sharlene Bamboat, Amanda Bly, Ella Bly, Jacob de Hoop, Jessica Patricia Kichoncho Karuhanga, Heather Kirby, Natalie Kouri-Towe, Aliya Pabani, Jesse Purcell, Jenna Robertson.

Thanks to Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell of FAG (Feminist Art Gallery) for “we can’t compete!”

Gear generously donated by: Charles Street Video, Puppy Machine
Shot on location in Toronto at Haul (Toronto) and 401 Richmond.

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