Upon dissolution of Artons Cultural Affairs Society and Publishing, the incorporated not for profit organization that published FUSE Magazine from 1976 to 2014, FUSE’s entire publishing repertoire will be deposited in e-artexte. E-artexte is an open-access digital repository managed by Artexte, a non-profit arts organization with a mandate to document the visual arts from 1965 to the present, with special emphasis on Canadian art. Depositing the FUSE publishing repertoire in e-artexte will allow widespread and ongoing access to this material for research and educational purposes.

In the spirit of Open Access, all FUSE materials in the e-artexte repository will be free to download. Copyright will be retained by the original contributors, and the materials hosted by e-artexte will carry a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) license. The strictest of the Creative Commons licenses, it requires anyone reproducing material from FUSE to credit the copyright holder. It does not allow for remixing, tweaking, or further development of contributors’ content. This license will ensure that FUSE will continue to be circulated and read, and prohibit any financial profit from this circulation.


All past FUSE contributors have until Friday 25 July 2014 to indicate if they do not want their work to be deposited in the e-artexte digital repository. An email detailing contributor name, volume and issue number(s), and date(s) of publication should be sent to info [AT] fusemagazine [DOT] org with the subject heading “Creative Commons Opt Out.” The absence of such a request by a contributor shall be interpreted as permission to deposit a version of their work in the e-artexte digital repository.

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