LIDS – Do Less With Less / Do More With More


The Ladies’ Invitational Deadbeat Society (LIDS) was founded in 2006 as a closely knit affiliation of then-unemployed cultural workers, not working but still bustin’ ass within Alberta artist-run culture. Their activities make visible and politicize women’s roles in the (arts) economy through tactical laziness, crafty collaboration, over-performance and wild hilarity. Members Anthea Black, Nicole Burisch and Wednesday Lupypciw have held positions as maids, waitresses, professors, homeopathic practitioners and board and staff of several Canadian artist-run organizations. They’ve exhibited their solo works, published, conferenced and lectured through- out Canada and the world, and they now reside in London/Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; and Calgary, Alberta respectively.

The Ladies’ Invitational Deadbeat Society’s limited edition DO LESS WITH LESS / DO MORE WITH MORE cross-stitch-pattern poster was printed at the Alberta Printmakers’ Society in June 2012. The slogan on the posters was inspired by a discussion that took place as part of Artivistic’s Promiscuous Infrastructures project at Centre des arts actuels Skol in Montreal, about how artists and non-profit arts organizations negotiate the constant pressure to do more with less. With this poster reissue for FUSE, LIDS proposes that we resist the capitalist logic of constant acceleration, productivity and austerity budgets by reasserting a realistic level of production within our means. Use LIDS’s handy pullout pattern to stitch a banner for your own office and hang in the orientation of your choice!

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