37-1 / DO LESS


December 2013 Special-issue bulletin

Austerity in and beyond artist-run culture
No-nonsense motto against neoliberalism
Combatting unpaid internships one letter at a time

Image credit:  Ladies’ Invitational Deadbeat Society, DO LESS WITH LESS / DO MORE WITH MORE (detail) (2012).

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  1. Hey Fuse eds:
    Just received the DLWL issue in the mail. Not easy to write but Great editorial ! I like the white newsprint tabloid format – like the beginnings of Centerfold, and the anon. collaborative piece on Art, Austerity and the Production of Fear (like The Fox). Good to signal a proud exit and on the side of the precariat – even and ‘specially when the arts community will go – “wuz up Fuse? we’re doing great. ” Am very proud of your plan and the responsibility and work you’re undertaking. Hopefully we’ll meet up in a circle soon.
    Bests seasonal wishes. Clive

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