36-3 / Survivors and Survivalists


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Survivors and Survivalists gives a rambunctiously critical twist to contemporary apocalypticism. It eschews the privileged paranoia that often dominates this theme, offering instead a collection that recasts apocalypse in terms of real-world struggles, traumas and resilience. We queer the notion of apocalypse and examine the kinds of practices either engendered or obscured by apocalyptic mindsets. In the mix we’ve got zombies, black metal, queer survivalism, Cree language resurgence and atomic bombs. In other words, this is a grab bag of carnivalesque realness, the rowdy party in the middle of the apocalypse that is always to come. After all, in the face of so much doom, what is there to do but get wild and wily?

In this issue:


NATALIE KOURI-TOWE Queer Apocalypse: Survivalism and Queer Life at the End

KATHRYN DENNING Apocalypse Anytime

DENISE JOURDAIN Wait Forty Years: Innu Women’s Resistance to Plan Nord

RICHARD MOSZKA Playing Dead: The Toronto Zombie Walk


CHELSEA VOWEL The reports of our cultural deaths have always been greatly exaggerated.

ATOM CIANFARANI Queer Survival 101

KATHLEEN TAHK The Biopolitics of Photography in the Soviet Famine, 1920–22

RICHARD WILLIAM HILL Close Readings: Marie Watt Lodge

MAIKO TANAKA Making it Work: All Ecologies Have Predators

Reviews of:

Brian Jungen and Duane Linklater’s exhibition Modest Livelihood, by Lucas Freeman; curator Joe Kalturnyk’s exhibition Another Atlas, by Milena Placentile; Jessica MacCormack’s book The See, by Sarah Mangle.

Image credit: Raymond Boisjoly, The Writing Lesson: Nanaimo (2012). Sunlight, construction paper, acrylic glass. 20 x 24 inches (61 x 51 cm).

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