A Game of Shater Hassan

Fuse_36-2_Haitham Ennasr_cropped_300_630

Excerpted from A Game of Shater Hassan, an artist’s project by Haitham Ennasr printed in FUSE issue 36-2. To see the rest of this artist’s project please click here.

A Game of Shater Hassan is a nonlinear, semi-autobiographical project that explores notions of memory, oral history and the diaspora. The project is described as a retelling the story of Shater Hassan when in fact it actively denies you most of the story itself, and takes you somewhere else instead.


Haitham is a New York based new media artist and game designer. His work ranges from digital and analog games to fake organizations, and has been featured on Mondoweiss and Indiecade. Haitham completed his MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons (New York NY), and his bachelors from the Arab American University in Jenin, Palestine. He is a decent bellydancer, but there is room for improvement in that department.

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