Complicity, Objection, Castration, Recomposition



Some Feminists in Your Neighborhood

Project Statement:

Some Feminists in Your Neighborhood is a group of women joined together through the mutual experience of patriarchy in supposedly radical political collectives and contexts. Together we have overcome our complicity in the abusive structures in which we were participants, found the solidarity that enabled us to object, and developed the means necessary to destroy those structures—through the castration performed by our withdrawal. We are now working on recomposition as we experiment with ways to struggle with one another that do not reproduce the patriarchy from which we separated. Our contribution to FUSE documents phases of the political process as they have appeared to us. Our names are Colleen Asper, Maria Byck, Marika Kandelaki, Sunita Prasad and Martyna Starosta.

The print edition of FUSE 35-3/ABOLITION contains 2 images from this artist project. The issue is available at all of our regular retail locationsSubscribe now to get the next issue of FUSE delivered right to your doorstep! 

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