FUSE 20-3 / June 1997

In this issue, we address topographies, geographies and social space, and advance our interrogation of nationalism and difference over current events. Again, FUSE takes issue with the packaged history of self-promotion by vested interests. Alongside this volume, look for our Twentieth Anniversary Retrospective issue. You will find it on the stands, in major bookstores nationally and in the mail to our subscribers. Inside is contentious writing culled from twenty stormy years of engagement, and an illuminating chronology of events, cultural projects and the changing shape of FUSE.


/ 1611 by Warren Arcan
/ New Cartographies, New Ways of Seeing: Mapping with Global Positioning Systems by Andrea Wolensak
/ Artist’s Project: Buseje Bailey
/ Artist’s Project: Arthur Renwick
/ Artist’s Project: Stephen Andrews
/ Ingrid Bachmann: A Portrait in Three Parts by Lorraine Oades
/ A Rambling Fireside Commentary on the Seven Dukes of Kleinberg by Andy Fabo
/ On the Subject of Justice, Natural or Otherwise by Lisa Steele
/ A Parable by Shelley Niro
/ The Subject of Displacement: A response to the judicial decision by Gerald McMaster
/ The Watering Hole: Lyle Ashton Harris review by Reggie Woolery
/ PSI KIT: Passport Sized Interference review by Kandis Weiner
/ Recontre Performance: International Performance Festival presented by Le Lieu review by Johanna Householder
/ Ignoring the Role of Violence in Fanon: The Fact of Blackness: Frantz Fanon and Visual Representation, ed. Alan Reid review by Julian J. Samuel
/ Public Art and Homelessness: Evictions: Art and Spatial Politics by Rosalyn Deutcsche review by Gordon Brent Ingram

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