FUSE 20-2 / Spring 1997


This anniversary edition of FUSE brings together a selection of thirty pieces: articles, interviews, reports and reviews from the past twenty years. Yet this is not a “best of” issue: even if such a thing might be constructed, it would be antiethical to a magazine that has always embraced a wide range of writers, issues, content and styles. In making my selection, I have attempted to convey this heterogeneity and to impart some sense of the issues Centerfold/FUSE explored while giving priority to Canadian writers and content.


/ Introduction by Susan Kealey
/ Naming Names: A list of Centerfold/FUSE staff, writers, editors, and other contributors (1976-96)
/ Art and Social Transformation by Kenneth Coutts-Smith Centerfold 2, no.4 (April 1987), pp.19-25 (excerpt)
/ As the World Burns by Kenneth Coutts-Smith Centerfold 2 no.5 (June 1978), pp.62-63
/ Politic Performances Provide… The Right Context by Tim GuestCenterfold 3, no.3 (Feb./March 1979), pp.105
/ Immigration: Do You Have Canadian Experience? Part 6: Multiculturalism by Charles Roach Centerfold 4, no.1 (Oct./Nov. 1979), pp.22-23
/ The New Museum Part 1: A Series of Essays that Examine Recent Developments Museum as New Media by Bruce Barber FUSE 4 no.4 (May 1980), pp.216-218
/ The Cultural Workers Alliance – The discussion in Peterborough: Is the artist a moral conscience or a socialized producer? by Karl Beveridge FUSE 4, no.5 (July/August 1980), pp.259-260
/ Less Medium More Message: A Survey of Recent Video Documentaries: Oppositional Television by Lisa Steele FUSE 5 no.2&3 (March/April 1981), pp.74-83 (excerpt)
/ Transvideo: Assessing artist’s video as communications by Tom Sherman FUSE 5 no.2&3 (March/April 1981) pp.97-99 (excerpt)
/ Diasporic Music: Recognizing Black Music by Norman ‘Otis’ Richmond FUSE 5 no.2&3 (March/April 1981) pp.56-57
/ Immigration Raids: The media isn’t telling us about the recent large-scale raids by John Greyson FUSE 5, no.4&5 (May/June 1981), pp.138-41 (excerpt)
/ Business and Culture: A Shot in the Arm or a Shot in the Head? by Clive Robertson FUSE 5, no. 6&7 (Sept. 1981), pp.196-204 (from The Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee: Part One)
/ Building Culture with a Women’s Perspective by Banuta Rubess FUSE 7, no.3 (Sept./Oct.1983), pp.91-98 (excerpt)
/ Art and Censorship by Varda Burstyn FUSE 7, no.3 (Sept./Oct. 1983), pp.84-90 (excerpt)
/ Will That Be Cash or Consciousness? The Moral Lepers discuss feminism and the music – An Interview by Sara Diamond FUSE 7, no.4 (Nov./Dec. 1983), pp.165-170 (excerpt)
/ Our Own History: Ten Years That Shook Our Shelves by Lisa Steele FUSE 10, no.1&2 (summer 1986), pp.5-6
/ A D.O.C. of the Mind by Gary Kibbins FUSE 10, no.1&2 (summer 1986), pp.34-38
/ CRTC Asleep at the Wheel: Canadian Broadcasting in the Age of Television Sprawl by Joyce Nelson (from Special Supplement B-r-r-roadcasting) FUSE 10, no.4 (winter 1986/87), pp.11-21 (excerpt)
/ From the Father’s House: Women’s Video and Feminism’s Struggle with Difference by Dot Tuer FUSE 11, no.4 (winter 1987/88), pp.17-24 (excerpt)
/ Gut Issues in Babylon: The Cultural Faces of Racism by M. Nourbese Philip FUSE 12. no.5 (April/May 1989), pp.12-26 (excerpt)
/ In the Red by Joane Cardinal-Schubert FUSE 13, no.1&2 (fall 1989), pp. 20-28 (excerpt)
/ Right-Wing Arithmetic: Transgressive Speaking=Economic Silencing by Marusya Bociukiw FUSE 13, no.6 (summer 1990), pp.20-23
/ Meng Gen: Racines Qui Poussent: Festival Internationale du Cinema Chinois de Montreal by Molly Amoli K. Shinhat FUSE 14, no.3 (winter 1991), pp.45-46
/ Powell Street Festival by Haruko Okano FUSE 14, no.3 (winter 1991), pp.47-48
/ The Art of Memory: Memory, Memoralizing: Responses to the Devastation of AIDS by Andy Fabo FUSE 15, no.5 (Living with HIV Issue, summer 1992), pp.37-39
/ Obscenity Chill: Artists in a  Post-Butler Era by Clare Barclay and Elaine Carol (excerpt by Clare Barclay) FUSE 16, no.2 (winter 1992/93), pp.19-28
/ Chaotic Kinds of Dreams: A Profile of the Rungh Cultural Society by Lloyd Wong FUSE 16, no.2 (winter 1992/93), pp.46-47
/ Working Through Cultural Appropriation by Richard Fung FUSE 16, no.5&6 (summer 1993), pp.16-24 (excerpt)
/ Cyborgs in Denial: Technology and Identity in the Net by David McIntosh FUSE 17, no.3 (spring 1994), pp.14-21 (excerpt)
/ Notes on Bhangra by Vinita Srivastava FUSE 17, no.5&6 (Special Music Issue), pp.18-20 (excerpt)
/ The Haunt of Race: Canada’s Multiculturalism Act, the Politics of Incorporation, and Writing Thru Race by Scott McFarlane FUSE 18, no.3 (spring 1995), pp.18-31 (excerpt)
/ A Chronology (1976-96) Compiled by Susan Kealey

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