FUSE 20-1 / Winter 1997

This issue of FUSE connects the politics of identity, food and representation. The three feature articles map notions of “race,” community and subjectivity within a context of disrupted cultural mythologies. Both Samir Gandesha and Yau Ching examine the complex relationships between cuisine, home and assimilation, questioning essentialized “ethnic” categories and their relationship to structures of power. While Yau Ching explores these issues through an examination of independent film and video, Samir Gandesha uses memory of food experiences as a departure point for critical reflection. The third feature, Gordon Brent Ingram’s “Sex Migrants: Paul Wong’s Video Geographies of Erotic and Cultural Displacement in Pacific Canada,” offers an analysis of community, queerscapes and education in the age of AIDS. Ingram uses Wong’s video Blending Milk and Water to discuss both the genre of AIDS educational video and the possibilities for life and survival on Canada’s West Coast.


/ Topographies: Aspects of Recent B.C. Art Reflections of Diversity and Institutional Reality by Kuan Foo
/ Food as Metaphor: Is Diversity the “Spice” of Life? by Samir Gandesha
/ Artist’s Project by Patti Kim
/ Sex Migrants: Paul Wong’s Video Geographies of Erotic and Cultural Displacement in Pacific Canada by Gordon Brent Ingram
/ Can I Have MSG, An Egg Roll to Suck on and Asian American Media on the Side? by Yau Ching
/ Gifts and Cruelties of Displacement: Nothing to be written here: Video by Wendy Oberlander review by Nancy Pollak
/ Fresh Blood: A Consideration of Belonging Video by b.h. Yael review by Sandra Haar
/ Reformation: Michael Belmore exhibition at Garnet Press review by R. William Hill
/ Transmission Ruses: small, medium and not large: books and collages, 1982 to present by Laiwan review by Karlyn Koh
/ Curtain Drawn on Rising Sun: Red Reflection I by Yasufumi Takahashi review by Kyo Maclear

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