FUSE 25.1: Spring 2001

Last summer, before the events of September 11, Francis Coppola’s famous film about the Vietnam war, Apocalypse Now, was re-released. Despite its confused and often offensive politics, the film has a quality that is rare among American war pictures. This is not simply because it is a war film played as a horror movie. It is that what we fear throughout the film is not so much what will happen to the central characters, but what terrible things they might do and become.


/ “Yes, my name is Ibrahim and I am an atheist!” Confessing Asrar: Art, Answerability and the Death of the Author by Awad Ibrahim
/ Initial impact … an immediate response by Shani Mootoo
/ 21st Ramadhan, 1422 – 8th December, 2001 by Nuzhat Abbas
/ Of Arabs, Museums and Civilizations by Rawi Hage
/ The Wars: Tariq Ali on building anti-war movements, debating the “civilization mongers” and narrating the history of Islam Interview by Cynthia Wright
/ All In A Day, Oct 13th 2001 by Shani Mootoo
/ Canvas of War review by Kirsty Robertson
/ Close Up: Iranian Cinema, Past, Present and Future review by Sarah Sharkey Pearce
/ Digital Dissent and States of Emergency: Patricia Zimmermann Speaks at the University of Toronto. review by Patricia Molloy
/ The Neutron Hazer and the Mystic Gulf: Remembering Remembrance Day review by Robin C. Pacific
/ Short FUSE: 9/11: Diary of a Suspected Hijacker by Gamal Abdel-Shehid

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