FUSE 24.4: Winter 2001

The world has changed – or so the claim goes – since 9.1.1. Just how it has changed, or how much, can be seen as a question of perspective: whether one perceives “it” as an unprecedented world event, or as a particularly horrific event that has brought anglo-North America into the real time that much of the world was already living. Either way, much is changing fast: public opinion polls are reporting alarming stats about citizens willing to give up civil liberties for a comfort and safety they thought they had, but never really did. Could it be that post-cold war “wars” and the “new wars” of global reordering are finally “trickling down” and hitting closer to home? At this juncture, we would do well to remember North America’s terrible history of internment in times of crisis for those whom it is always willing to read out the national body politic.


/ The Stores of Venice by Sarindar Dhaliwal
/ The Politics of Curating. The Trouble with Normal: Queering Our Identities. by Elleni Centime Zeleki
/ Working between Memory and Imagination: The Visual Art of Sarindar Dhaliwal by Meera Sethi
/ memorandum by Greg Staats
/ High Tech Storyteller: A Conversation with Performance Artist Lori Blondeau by Lyne Bell & Janice Williamson
/ Tashme2: Early Works of Kazuo Nakamura review by Richard William Hill
/ Africa in or out? review by Veronika Klaptocz
/ Venice Biennale 2001 review by Corinna Ghaznavi
/ Money Value Art: State Funding, Free Markets, Big Pictures review by Emily Andreae
/ Short FUSE: Flip/Flop by Jayce Salloum

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