FUSE 24.3: Fall 2001

How do viewers respond to exhibition sights/sites?

For the individual writers featured in this issue, visual sights are sites of active knowledge-making with the potential for social and political change. In our feature essay “‘Take good care of it, it is my whole life’: Encounters with Charlotte Salomon’s address to the living,” Sharon Rosenberg discusses viewers’ encounters with the traveling exhibition Life? or Theatre?


/ “What if daily life in Canada is boring?”: Contextualizing Greg Curnoe’s Regionalism by Dot Tuer
/ Rummana Hussain’s In Order to Join by Jamelie Hassan
/ Jill Culiner from La Memoire Effacee
/ “Take good care of it, it is my whole life”: Encounters with Charlotte Salomon’s address to the living by Sharon Rosenberg
/ Study Skins review by Scott Sorli
/ a better place review Christine Shaw
/ breathtaking: Sue Lloyd’s searchworks/chest cavity
/ Other Conundrums: Race, Culture, and Canadian Art review by Meera Sethi
/ Short FUSE: Persistent Misses by Jill Arie

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