FUSE 24.2: Summer 2001

Money. Money. Money

The recent announcement by the Heritage Minister and the Prime Minister in Toronto, (in the atrium of the CBC, an institution they also killed) of an infusion of “new” money for the arts and culture sector was greeted with a bit of welcome relief. It’s been a long time coming. But those of us in the alternative arts and culture scene can’t yet celebrate. Not much of this new money is targeted at us. It will be mainly targeted at the arts and culture sector of the elite. In short, our struggle to survive may become even harder (if that’s possible). For the alternative culture scene that does so much to maintain a national art and cultural presence in this country, the question “Where’s the money?” remains imperative. It needs to be asked again and again.


/ Movement by DJs by Christopher Smith
/ ISAAC JULIEN’s CHILDREN: Black Queer Cinema after Looking for Langston by Rinaldo Walcott
/ Kathak, the Classic Indian Art Form: Renuka Sooknanan speaks with Joanna Das interview with Renuka Sooknanan
/ Richard Fung and Jamelie Hassan speak about their recent honours interview with Meera Sethi
/ Artist Project by June Clark
/ Vice Squad review by Kelly McCray
/ Freestyle review by Michelle Jacques
/ Mixed Identities and Other Fictions Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost and Grant Farred’s Midfielder’s Moment review by Tess Chakkalakal
/ Being Black by Althea Prince review by Jennifer Harris
/ Writing to Legacy: Rachel Manley’s Slipstream and Ken Wiwa’s In the Shadow of a Saint review by Gamal Abdel Shehid

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