FUSE 24-1: June 2001

You’ll cover a lot of territory in this issue of FUSE: from the La Jolla Indian Reservation in California to the Banff Centre for the Arts, from Vancouver to Mexico City. These diverse places have an impact upon the production of art and culture on levels ranging from institutional policy to the highly personalized politics of memory and community.


/ You say you want to fund the revolution? Oh well… by Robin Pacific
/ BANFF: Utopian Memeplex Machine Making the Invisible Visible by Oliver Hockenhull
/ It’s Very rewarding if it Works: James Luna and Rebecca Belmore talk to Richard William Hill
/ Artist Project by Will Munro
/ Sympathetic Magic review by Patrick Mahon
/ c/o La Ciudad: working in Mexico City
/ Live at the End of the Century – Aspects of Performance Art in Vancouver review by Johanna Householder
/ Practice Practise Praxis – Serial Reception, Organizational Behaviour, and Strategic Action in Architecture review by Emily Andreae and Janice Andreae
/ Magnetic North – Experimental Canadian Video review by John McCullough

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