FUSE 23-4: April 2001

This issue of FUSE critically engages a dialogue of the political. It asks us to think about artistic freedom and expression, the relationality of multicultural feminism and alteric moves in identity and representational strategies.


/ Of Moose and Mel: Recent Disasters in Toronto’s Public Art by Kate Stevens
/ Drag Racing: Dressing Up (and messing up) White in Contemporary First Nations Art by Richard William Hill
/ Talking Visions, Talking Art, Talking Politics: Ella Shohat on her Latest Book interview with Meera Sethi
/ Carnegie International review by Sylvie Fortin
/ An Inuit Perspective review by Sheila Butler
/ “Private Thoughts/Public Moments” review by Germaine Koh
/ The Shit I Ain’t Got review by Peter Hudson
/ Richard Fung’s Sea in the Blood review by Margo Francis
/ Glitter Stucco & Dumpster Diving review by John McCullough
/ Toward a New Feminist Politic in the Age of the Transnational review by Rinaldo Walcott
/ Artist Project: Patti Young Kim Is Activism Sexy?
/ Short FUSE: Going Postal by Alex St. Marc

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