FUSE 23-3: February 2001

Let the fireworks begin! Donna Scott’s recent announcement of resignation from the Ontario Arts Council might yet be a good thing for the arts in Ontario. If Bronwyn Drainie’s recent criticism of Hal Jackman’s matching grants program is any indication, we might yet see a renewed public debate about the arts, a debate that moves beyond the immediate arts community. Should we call these hopeful times? We should also be waiting to see whether anything will come of Department of Canadian Heritage’s recent national policy consultation on a federal Arts Policy Framework. Indications that Sheila Copps might move on from Heritage to another portfolio leaves things for the arts fairly wide open at the federal level. But one thing seems certain: the arts will continue to play a vital role in the lives of Canadians at both the aesthetic and political levels – a pleasure that we cannot live without.


/ Letters to FUSE
/ A Way of Imagining Film: in conversation with Loretta Todd by Richard William Hill
/ All the World’s a Stage theatre as a political tool by Carlyn Zwarenstein
/ Barbara Ramos, Patient Care Assistant (SEIU, 1199 Upstate) by Karl Beveridge and Carole Conde
/ e/rector/scape by Kerry Mogg
/ Compulsive Consumption by Johanna Mizgala
/ alt.shift.control by Sherri Telenko
/ Fresh Paint by Anne Kim
/ Wink and Banter by Annthea Whittaker
/ Corpus Delecti: Performance Art of the Americas review by Meera Sethi
/ Constructing Female Identities review by Rebecca Raby
/ Short FUSE: More! More! More! by Christopher Smith

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