FUSE 23-2: September 2000

One thing that sets FUSE apart from other magazines covering similar territory is its consistent, continuous attention to issues that get short shrift elsewhere. One case in point is the pleasant overlap between the last issue and this one. Adrienne Lai’s essay in vol. 23, no. 1, “Renegotiating the Terms of Inclusion,” is a thought-provoking critical analysis of Jin-me Yoon’s A Group of Sixty-Seven. That piece, well-known and much-written-about, is central to the emerging canon of Asian Canadian art. FUSE, as long-time readers will note, has covered Asian Canadian art over the years, and in a real sense, has been and continues to be an active participant in and interrogator of that very canon-formation.


/ In Memoriam: Susan Kealey 1959-2000 by Tom Folland
/ Art and Scandal: Public Controversy in Contemporary Art by Kevin Dowler
/ Jenni’s Web: JenniCam, Techno-Filters, and the Boys’ Club by Earl Miller
/ Asian Invasion vs. the Pristine Nation: Migrants entering the Canadian Imaginary by Larissa Lai
/ Mentioning Gidone Busch by Ruth Liberman
/ Money Lures Richard Lock by Allan Antliff
/ Shadow States Carol Laing by Janice Andreae
/ Container Paul Perchal by Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco
/ Breaking Bread over Foodculture – Foodculture: Tasting Identities and Geographies in Art, Edited by Barbara Fischer by Renuka Sooknanan
/ Multicultural States: Rethinking Difference and Identity, Edited by David Bennett by Carmela Murdocca
/ ShortFUSE: Indian Givers: The McMichaels’ Revenge on Contemporary Art by Richard William Hill

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