FUSE 23-1: April 2000

In this issue, most of the texts share concern, anxiety or frustration with the limits and borders of collective identity. Such contested terrain is the location of some of the most pressing concerns of this new decade, and is prime FUSE territory. As usual, our writers don’t hesitate to ask hard questions, revealing not only vexing problems of identity, but provocative alternatives to conventional models.


/ Letters
/ Renegotiating the Terms of Inclusion – Institutional space, (dis)location, and A Group of Sixty Seven by Adrienne Lai
/ ZKM – The Smell of elephant shit/The digitally contrived by Oliver Hockenhull
/ They Let Me Use Their Roads (Excerpt) by Jesse Bochner
/ The Concrete Ceiling – Class, culture & Toronto’s Portuguese by Anna Camara
/ From Dada to Data – A Brief survey of online performance by Kathy Kennedy
/ A Persistent Seam in the Loop – Stan Douglas at the Power Plant review by Ruth Kerkham
/ Trespassers & Captives – Jamelie Hassan, Artist-in-Residence Projects at the Eldon House review by Darien Taylor
/ The Invisible Empire – Odili Donald Odita at Gallery 101 Galerie review by Sylvie Fortin
/ Material Matters: The Art and Culture of Contemporary Textiles, YYZ Books, Toronto, 1998 review by Janice Andreae
/ Short FUSE: Miscognitions Or why I can’t seem to get along with white boys by Rinaldo Walcott

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