FUSE 22-4: January 2000

The current issue of FUSE closes out the century with a site-specific theme. Margot Francis shows us how Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan’s Lesbian National Parks and Services Project (which made a partial appearance as an artists’ project in vol. 21, no. 3) unsettles the Canadian tourist site par excellence – Banff National Park – and problematizes the figure of the kindly, helpful park ranger. Michael Robert Evans’ “Sometimes in Anger: The Struggles of Inuit  Video,” takes us to the Arctic in response to Laura U. Marks’ article “Inuit Auteurs and Arctic Airwaves: Questions of Southern Reception” (vol. 21, no.4).


/ Letters
/ Sometimes in Anger – The Struggles of Inuit Video by Michael Robert Evans
/ Sudbury Postcards by Paul Lamothe
/ Memory Loss – The Fear of Replicated Intelligence by Earl Miller
/ Where the South and the North Meet – Latino Identity and Cultural Heterogeneity by Alberto Gomez
/ Auschwitz in the Age of Mass Tourism: An Interview with Rober Jan van Pelt by Kenneth Hayes
/ Unsettling Sights… The Lesbian National Parks and Services by Lorri Millan and Shawn Dempsey review by Margot Francis
/ Touch: Touché – Thecla Schiphorst and Daniel Jolliffe review by Marcus Miller
/ Ohm: Dance Through an Electric Eye Directed by Ed Sinclair and Karen Kew review by Michael Balser
/ Waste Management – Art Gallery of Ontario review by Dana Samuel
/ Moving and Storage In situ: Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto review by Stephen Horne
/ When There is No Limit to Spirit – Tall Orders: On the Spiritual in Art review by Rozena Maart

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