FUSE 22-3: September 1999

Antonia Zerbisias’ rant in the June 1998 issue of Masthead thrashed not only FUSE, but Geist and Borderlines, threatening the already tenuous position that alternative magazines hold in relation to government granting agencies. The decision by the OAC to limit funding to periodicals that only address and include poetry, fiction and visual art commentary, precariously and narrowly envision ways that art and culture are defined. Magazines that cover contemporary art issues, criticism, cultural studies and politics have experienced significant slashes to annual operating budgets. That magazines were not consulted about the then pending cuts, that lines of communications were rigid, that the granting structure seemed to be top-down, is a sign of bad faith that shows an irresponsible relationship to community building.


/ When Public Became Private by Andrew James Paterson
/ On the Feasibility of Becoming a Household Name by Catherine Osborne
/ Dire Straits – The situation of contemporary visual arts funding in Korea by Joan Kee
/ Almost a Union – CARFAC is certified under federal Status of the Artist legislation by Karl Beveridge
/ Artist’s Project – Jim Miller
/ Privatizing the Public – Notes from the Ontario Culture wars by Barbara Godard
/ Custody Battles – Changing the rules at The Canada Council by Clive Robertson
/ Mémoire et Antimémoire – Curated by François Le Gris review by Marilyn Burgess
/ Made in Mexico-Made in Venezuela – Curated by Luis Jacob review by Allan Antliff
/ Broken Entries: Race. Subjectivity. Writing – Essays by Roy Miki (Toronto: The Mercury Press, 1998) book review by Richard Almonte
/ Beclouded Visions: Hiroshima – Nagasaki and the Art of Witness by Kyo Maclear (Albany: SUNY Press, 1999) book review by Lang Baker
/ Short FUSE: Beginning the Conversation Ontario Arts Report Update by Sandra Tulloch

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