FUSE 22-2: Spring 1999

This issue of FUSE is in keeping with our attempts to pay special attention to Canada, while not being limited by any too easy assertions of national borders. At FUSE, we want to imagine and represent the nation in all its diversity, and to represent that diversity as an outgrowth of what actually happens out there, but as well, we want to image what might be possible to have happen out there. In this regard, FUSE remains committed to the principle of art as a broadly defined category which is always up for question and reinterpretation. We won’t let you yawn.


/ Letters
/ De-Celebrating Black Expressive Culture: A Polemic by Rinaldo Walcott
/ Vagina and Tenth Gate (Anterior Fontanelle) by Har-Prakash Khalsa & Sat Dharam Kaur
/ Shani Mootoo: Shifting Perceptions, Changing Practices with Sarindar Dhaliwal
/ Some Keywords and Arguments in Cultural Politics by Sean Lokaisingh-Meighoo and Arif Noorani
/ Bored Bedmates: Art and Criticism at the Decade’s End by Gary Kibbins
/ Shift, Change 1988-1998, James Williams review by Sherri Telenko
/ The Sense in “Yawning” Organized by Hermit Foundation, Czech Republic review by Jo Williams
/ Pop Off: the regular 8 faction review by John McCullough
/ The Electrical Field by Kerri Sakamoto (Toronto: Vintage Canada, 1998) book review by Renuka Sooknanan
/ Giscome Road by C.S. Giscombe (Illinois State University: Dalkey Archive Press, 1998) book review by Peter Hudson

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