FUSE 22-1: Winter 1999

At this time of year when temperatures are at their lowest and the sun peeks only half-heartedly over the southern horizon, many minds and some bodies in Canada turn to the south. At the same time, many people in the Caribbean look longingly, if ambivalently, toward North America. The International Monetary Fund and other branches of global capitalism’s police force have fostered large-scale un- and underemployment in the Caribbean, and have torn mercilessly at what little safety net existed. Even as those same forces batter working people here in Canada, “our” relative wealth is made familiar through the saturated images of American media – especially in the English-speaking parts of the region – and by the ubiquitous figure of the tourist. As Caribbean beach holidays increasingly become out of reach for ordinary Canadians, further straining Caribbean economies, we are again reminded of the complex imbrications of Canadian and Caribbean societies.


/ Obituary: Deborah Doxtater
/ Letters
/ Cultural Markings, Cultural Appropriation: The Art of Mehndi by Renuka Sooknanan
/ Artist’s Project: Christopher Cozier
/ “On the Outside Looking In?” by Gabrielle Hezekiah
/ Caribana: A Diasporic Dub by Ramabai Espinet
/ Sergio Giral: Filmmaking Within & Beyond Fidel’s Cuba with David McIntosh
/ Crossings: National Gallery of Canada review by Laura U. Marks
/ In Lieu: Installations in Public Washrooms review by Lee Rodney
/ Reservation X: The Power of Place in creview by Marilyn Burgess
/ Representing Rights: The Symposium on the Artist and Human Rights review by Janet Creery
/ Transforming the Crown: African, Asian, and Caribbean Artists in Britain, 1966-1996 catalogue review by Peter Hudson

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