FUSE 21-4: Fall 1998

In keeping with FUSE’s tradition of covering the arts and their cultural context, this issue considers how a sense of place and location is now dominated by an all-consuming surge toward globalization. A dislocation of artists’ practices ensues from these conditions. There is no set agenda for a territory to be covered or reclaimed here: the topics range from the local – the streets of Toronto, Inuit communities, artist-run centres dotting the country – to the transnational electronic domain (in which representations nonetheless always have a place of origin). The focus is on the appropriation and interruption of tactics used by globalizing fores, and thereby, on empowerment.


/ Inuit Auteurs and Arctic Airwaves: Questions of southern reception by Laura U. Marks
/ As Alternative as You Want Me To Be: Nostalgia by Susan Kealey
/ Re: Artist-Run Centres by Reid Shier
/ From Silent Comedy to Delirium in the Landscape: A partial view of current British video by Catherine Elwes
/ Artist Page by Brent Cehan
/ Error Code by Michelle Gay
/ Black W/Holes: A History of Brief Time by M. Nourbese Philip
/ Digital Imperialism by Maria Fernandez
/ Interview: Jimmy Durham: The Centre of the World is Several Places (Part II) with Beverly Koski & Richard William Hill
/ The Magnifying Eye of Andy Warhol: The Warhol Look/Glamour Style Fashion review by Rosa Berland
/ Su Rynard: Life Tests review by Earl Miller
/ Counterposes: Re-concevoir le tableau vivant review by Stephen Horne

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