FUSE 21-3: Summer 1998


It seems appropriate to preface any given interview with a caveat in the spirit of Magritte: This is not a spoken conversation. An interview is a translation from spoken to written word and ultimately must succeed in the latter form. As in any good translation, literalness is subordinate to conveying the intent of the original. Also, as in translation, something is lost along the way. As yet no system of notation has been devised to convey the telling pauses, false starts, differing tones of voice, smiles and all the other non-linguistic signs that are the property of spoken conversations.


/ Letters
/ Obituaries: Tim Guest and Denis Tourbin
/ Diary of a Queen Street Negro by Peter Hudson
/ Artists’ Project: Lorri Millan and Shawna Dempsey
/ Cigarettes, Coffee and Dep Wine: Luc Bourdon, Shawna Dempsey Anne Golden, Robert Morin, and Cathy Sisler chat about video in Montreal with Nelson Henricks
/ Jimmie Durham: The Centre of the World is Several Places (Part I) with Beverly Koski & Richard William Hill
/ When You Lose That Person, Then Who Are You?: Sheree Rose, from an interview with Cathy Busby
/ Misfits Together: Paul Wong on Art, Community and Vancouver in the 1970s and ’80s with Richard Fung
/ Fun Critique in Ethnographic Fields: “Half Nelson”: paintings by Brian Jungen review by Jeff Derksen
/ Architectural Re-enactments: Steve McQueen: Deadpan & Barry Isenor: XXX Video review by Kenneth Hayes
/ Out of the Frame: a collective show of new lesbian photography review by Michael Balser
/ Suggestive Poses: Artists and Critics Respond to Censorship Edited by Lorraine Johnson, preface by John Greyson Toronto Photographers Workshop and Riverbank Press, Toronto, 1997 review by Andy Fabo

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