FUSE 21-1 / Winter 1998

Do-It-Yourself Special Issue

Zines form small pools of interest that converge with the currents of other subcultures. Zines teeter on the borders of street savvy and academia, life-writing and thesis writing, identity politics and universalism, SM and vanilla sex. Unfiltered by mainstream publishing zines allow us to dive into our own murky water, and invite what lurks there to ooze out.

In this issue of FUSE we encourage oozing. Some may see us as victims of our own hedonistic wound-licking. In this issue, writers, performers, comic artists, and students indulge in confessional narratives, licking to their hearts’ content. Tossing the sheets on the line, they stage their own house party on these pages. Here they redefine the moral majority. Swapping Do-It-Yourself tactics from their scrapbooks, replacing victimization with a survivor culture that builds safe houses for non-victims to emerge into.


/ Legionellas Manifesto by Christy Cameron
/ Artists’ Biographies
/ I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours: Hedonistic Wound Lickers by Simone Moir
/ The Intimate Peculiarities of Communal Travel by Michael Barker
/ Emma Brown
/ Stick It Where the Sun Don’t Shine, Little Sister Sticks it to Big Brother: Sticker Activism: How to, Why to, Where to by Allyson Mitchell
/ Mise-en-abîme: Word Made Flesh, Trial by Fire: Academic fictions and the writer in exile by Elysa Martinez Crowther
/ Linds of Desire, Intimate Address: Low-watt radio and scanning for community by Wade Thomas & Hadley Howes
/ Galerie Largeness, a self-publishing “un-gallery” by Luis Jacob
/ AR&T, Your Only Choice by Carly Statsko & Anna Melnikoff
/ Of Chocolate Queens and Rice Queens, How many Asian/Blk (girl)friends does a Chocolate/Rice Queen make? Acknowledging interacial stereotypes in a lezzy relationships by T.J. Bryan
/ Becuming Comics, A female reader enters The House of Mystery comic book by Gabrielle Clarke
/ The Deli, Deli fresh multiple choice questionnaire by Sattelite Deli
/ Undoing Diasporic Dyke(otomies), interviews DE POONANI POSSE by Shanikwa Shapphire
/ The Source of Cults, Forceible enchantment: art, ritual, cults and youth culture: MittelEuropa/DIY, Interviews with artist collectives in Vienna and Zagreb, Croatia by Michelle Teran
/ I am the Unicorn, “Gender dysphoria” in the drama department by Tobaron Waxman
/ Daddy, you fucked up again by Emily Vey Duke

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