Seeking critical responses to the “Occupy movement” from Indigenous, radical and/or anticapitalist perspectives

Last minute call for contributions:

The FUSE Editorial Committee met last night to work on our upcoming December issue and a recurrent subtext to our conversations was the need for a response to the exclusionary rhetoric of the “Occupy movement” (we’re collaborating with LIFT and cheyanne turions on a salon on this topic on November 2 – come!). We’ve been sitting on the edge of our chairs watching the development of an “agenda” and rhetoric for occupation that is missing a deep sense of movement history or a substantive critique of ongoing legacies of violence towards marginalized groups – unlimited to genocide, racism, misogyny and homophobia. We have been heartened by the rising volume of critical responses and we’re eager to see how these manifest in presence at the occupations set to start all over Canada on this Saturday the 15th.

In the rapidly approaching December issue, we’d like to include some open letters/reports that respond to this in Canada specifically. We are currently collecting links and references for people who are making visual and/or written critical responses to the racism of the Occupations (we’re especially but not exclusively focusing on the ways that language of “occupation” obscures the fact that North America is built on stolen land). It goes without saying, we hope, that the intention here is to radicalize the rhetoric around the movement and orient it clearly towards social justice and anti-imperialism – not to “shut it down” or create division.

If you or your colleagues are writing about this and can get us a draft of a 1,000-2,000 word text in the next week for publication in our December issue (final copy due November 7), please get in touch ASAP and let me know what you’ve got on deck.

Write to editor AT fusemagazine DOT org and put OCCUPY in the subject heading.




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