34-4 / EGYPT

We’re very pleased to announce the September 29 release of FUSE 34-4/Egypt, the first issue in our States of Postcoloniality series. Thanks to everyone who came out to TSV to celebrate with us!

This provocative collection features exclusive interviews with the directors of artist-run centres in Cairo and Alexandria, coverage of independent film programming on Egypt, and a look at the Bidoun Library’s Egypt acquisitions. Focusing resolutely on current events such as this year’s ongoing revolution in Egypt, the series asks how inhabiting states of postcoloniality informs the politics of the present and the practices of resistance we develop here.

34.4/Egypt contributors:

Nahed Mansour and Bassam El Baroni (ACAF)
Denise Ryner and Babak Radboy (Bidoun Library)
Damon Kowarsky
Olive McKeon
Joseph Banh and Moataz Nasreldin (Darb 1718), Mia Jankowicz (CIC) and William Wells (Townhouse)
Themba Lewis
Aliza Ma, Rasha Salti and Gabe Klinger
Anna Feigenbaum
Francisco-Fernando Granados
Leila Timmins.

We’re also proud to be launching our snappy redesign by the brilliant duo, Mirjam Linschooten(Paris) and Sameer Farooq (Toronto).

Order a copy below and subscribe now to get our winter issue delivered straight to your mailbox.

Errata: Rasha Salti (cover).

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