Announcing FUSEblog Series: Burn the Archives!

Welcome to the new FUSE blog series featuring material from our archives! Over the coming months, we’ll be rolling out posts that consider the political relevance and aesthetic import of historical articles and projects from FUSE. As we prepared our summer 2011 issue, Performing Politics—which includes archival FUSE material from our first 35 years of publishing—we got so excited about our research that we decided to share some of it with you.

Each week will see multiple blog posts from editorial director Gina Badger and intern Robyn Lew. As a preface to this year’s themed issues on states of postcoloniality, Gina’s series will compile the sizeable collection of FUSE writings and projects that engage histories of setller colonialism and the politics of Indigenous sovereignty in Canada. Robyn’s series will examine cultural policy in Canada and its effects on small-scale publications, drawing from classic FUSE content that emphasizes the importance of critiquing national arts infrastructure.

We’re overflowing with long-term ideas for this and other archival projects. If you are too, drop us a line or come visit us during office hours!

Our entire archive is available for your perusal and purchase—and when the weather’s good, you can read an issue in the rooftop garden next to our office in 401 Richmond!

Check out our first blog post here!


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