***image caption: Ayanna Black (1939-2009) at Celafi Festival, 1997. Courtesy: The City of Toronto and Eckehard Dolinski***

FUSE is proud to announce the July 1 release of our summer issue, “Performing Politics”! FUSE is 35 this year, and we’re celebrating by revisiting the work of seventeen outstanding thinkers and makers, spanning three decades. Through eight features, interviews and reports plus six artist’s projects and cover art, we explore the ways that solidarity enables political action.

Some highlights:

DEBORAH ROOT Power itself is a kind of magic, in that it involves the manipulation of appearances [1996]

JANNA GRAHAM + CHERYL L’HIRONDELLE + CANDICE HOPKINS Radio was the bridge between what I do and what exists on the reserve [2004]

AYANNA BLACK + BELL HOOKS To experience solidarity we must have a community of interest [1990]

SARA DIAMOND Subversion from within can be an important tactic, but is it really possible? [1986]

RACHEL GORMAN Disaggregating the political category “disabled artist” [2007]


Join us for our launch on July 7, at FAG (Feminist Art Gallery).


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